Frequently Asked Questions

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How This Program Works?

Yes. At the current moment we are in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Brunei, Singapore, Vietnam and many more to be announce.

You should upgrade to G2 as soon as you received 3x from your direct referrals. This is for you to override on your 2nd level upgrades fees. For you to override on your third level upgrade fees, you should upgrade to G3 by paying your upline 3 levels up which is also G3 member and so on until you are G8 member.

Make a payment to ADMIN local account bank that is shown when you click UPGRADE on your dashboard. Take a photo and upload at your dashboard or WhatsApp to +60105178166. Your payment will be confirmed within 24 HRS. Failing to provide proof of payment (bank in slip/bank statement) your payment will be rejected. You can also make payment through Bit Coins or Neteller

You need to upgrade to be eligible to collect contributions. Upgrade means "contributing to others". You need to upgrade before others contribute to you. This a community program and for it to work, members need to help members. That's how it works.

Yes. Provided you already received 3x contributions. You can upgrade grade by grade to G8.

NO. You can't receive contributions from your network if you are a lower grade then them. That's why we encourage those who already earning from the community program to upgrade to the highest Grade which is G8 ASAP!

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Register your account here and get a promotion web for free. You will receive your password through email (please check junk/spam mail as well)

After you have complete the 1st step above, the 2nd step is click on Upgrade and the system will guide you to pay a registration fees of US20 to Admin. You can pay using local bank or by Bit coin or Neteller. Attach the payment slip or transaction proof and click on submit. After your account is Verified, you will received a welcome email and you are now a G0 member. The 3rd. and last step is click on upgrade again, this time it will show your referral bank info, pay USD20 to your referral and upload your slip and click on submit. After your referral has activate you, Congrats!! you are now in the community as a G1 member.

That means you have keyed in an invalid email. To retrieve emails inform us at and a charge of USD10 will be imposed or you can register a new account.

Go to: Enter you username and password retrieve from (your email or junk/spam mail).

No worries, the Admin will place you under an ACTIVE MEMBER.

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About does not have an owner or director, only a dedicated team of administrators who works 24/7 for the systems development on the path of honesty and success. We share the common interest of the people, to benefits everyone in a fairly manner. We believe in “IF YOU CAN’T DO IT ALONE, WE DO IT TOGETHER AS A COMMUNITY“ is a global social charity platform where an ordinary people join this noble cause of “PEOPLE helping PEOPLE” system to give themselves and their families a Financial Freedom in this instability monetary system of the world’s economy today.

It is a simple but a powerful and influential wealth accumulation system where people come to share their dreams in the CONTRIBUTION campaign, to the global community who is ready to assist you or help you. The system will determine for you who is ready to receive your CONTRIBUTION by leveling values during your entire campaign.